vocational high school ... Swt.Karya Tarutung :-) 8

SMK swt.Karya tarutung is a schoolthat have infrastructure srana good education and
  This can be seen from the way teachers educate students / i, in addition to teachers in my school is a teacher
 who experienced in their field my school also get an award from tingakt prov. And districts in competence 

computer engineering and networking, accounting and office administration and hiking 

And my school rules all students must  be obligated to come before 7.15 and if it is violated will be sent home,
and 7.30 will start lesson, and also school uniform, boy hair should be short 1 or 2 cm, and skirt girl
should not Above the knee or three fingers of the knee.

Besides,my school also facilitates computer lab, projector wifi,canteen sports venue and nice room and clean,
neat and organized make all students ease to learn




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