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Understanding papers - Papers are scientific papers that deal with the particular subject matter covered in a particular scope. Papers can also be interpreted as academic works that are usually published or published in journals that are scientific but according to the understanding of some experts such as according to Tanjung and Ardial interpret paper is a paper that contains thoughts about a particular topic problem that is written systematically and accompanied by logical analysis and objective whereas according to Surakhmad papers are all kinds of lecture tasks that must be completed in writing both as a result of the discussion of books and as a result of essay on a subject matter. From the above understanding can be concluded that the paper is a paper that discusses certain problems with a logical and objective analysis and written systematically. before going to the discussion of the types of papers, maybe for those of you who need a cover for the paper you make please see the article collection of cover paper Types of PapersFrom the nature of the paper can be divided into 3 types namely Deductive paper is a paper based on theoretical studies relevant to the issues discussedInductive Papers are papers written based on empirical data that are objective based on what is obtained from the field but remain relevant to the discussionMixed Papers are papers compiled or written based on toritis studies and empirical data. meaning this mixed paper is a merger between deductive papers and inductive papers.The mixed papers are subdivided into 6 types ieScientific papers - this paper usually discusses the problems written from the results of scientific studies and this type of paper is not based on opinions or opinions of the author who is subjectiveWorking papers - usually this paper is derived from the results of a study and allows a writer of the paper to argue from the issues discussed derived from a research process and that means the subjective opinion of the authors more likely on this type of paperStudy paper - the content of this paper is usually a means of solving a controversial issueThis position paper is used for papers prepared on the request of a party whose function as an alternative to controversial problem solving. The procedure of discussion and writing is done scientificallyAnalysis paper - the nature of this paper is objective-empiricalResponse papers - usually this paper is often used as a course task for students whose content is a reaction to a reading


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