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Marketing planning is a planned implementation of marketing resources to achieve marketing objectives. Thus, marketing planning is a systematic process of designing and coordinating marketing decisions. This marketing plan provides the focus for information gathering, format for information dissemination, and structure for the development and coordination of strategic and tactical responses.

The purpose of marketing planning is the identification and creation of competitive advantage. This marketing planning is a real form of company to provide strategic responses to the changing global competition pattern consisting of:
1. business size adjustment
2. changes in scope of products and / or markets or
3. the creation of new networking relationships with other organizations.

Problems arising from lack of marketing planning:
1. lost opportunities to make a profit
2. insignificant figures in long-term plans
3. unrealistic goals
4. lack of market information that can be done
5. inter-functional dispute
6. frustrating management
7. proliferation of products and markets
8. Campaign expenditure is futile
9. pricing is too confusing
10. getting weaker on business development


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