Computer driver function 30

As its definition, the computer driver has the function of translating any instruction that the user performs through the intermediary of the operating system Then all the instructions that users provide it will be translated into a language that is understood by the hardware so that all insturksi users give can dilakasanakan well. With such an important function, then when you download a driver for your computer, do not be arbitrary, it must be compatible with the hardware and operating system used. How many drivers should be installed A computer is made up of a lot of hardware. But we do not need to install the drivers all one by one. Because most of it can be handled by the built-in drivers on the operating system. But in general after re-install, there are at least 7 hardware drivers must be installed, the hardware is: VGA, Lan, Wifi, Chipset, Audio, Touchpad [on laptop], Bluetooth [if any]. The function of the driver is certainly so that each of the hardware I mentioned was working properly. Suppose you want to use the internet Wifi office network, but you do not install drivers for wifi, then automatically you will not be able to capture Wifi signal because Wifi hardware on the laptop has not been active.


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