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Interview is a conversation between two or more people and takes place between the speaker and the interviewer.The purpose of the interview is to get the right information from trusted sources.Interviews were conducted by submitting a number of questions from the interviewer to the resource person.

The forms of interviews include:
1. News interviews are conducted to search for news materials.
2. Interview with pre-prepared questions.
3. Telephone interviews are interviews conducted by telephone.
4. Personal interview.
5. Interview with many people.
6. Impromptu / urgent interviews.
7. Group interviews where a group of journalists interviewed an official, an artist, an athlete, and so forth.
Success or failure of interviews other than determined by the attitude of journalists is also determined by the behavior, appearance, and attitude of journalists. A good attitude usually invites sympathetic and will make the atmosphere of the interview will take place aka communicative. Communicative and lively interviews are determined by the mastery of the issues and information about the subject matter of the talks both by resource persons and journalists.


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