The function of the Sharia Bank as a Distributor of Funds to the Community 17

The function of the second syariah bank is to channel funds to the community in need. The public may obtain financing from an Islamic bank as long as it complies with all applicable terms and conditions. Channeling funds is a very important activity for sharia banks. In this case Islamic banks will get a return on the funds discharged. Return or income earned by sharia banks over the distribution of this fund depends on the contract.

Islamic banks channel funds to the public by using various contracts, among others akad sale and purchase and akad partnership or business cooperation. In the case of buying and selling, the return obtained by the bank on the channeling of funds is in the form of profit margin. Margin keuntukngan is the difference between the selling price to customers and the purchase price of the bank. Revenues earned from fund channeling activities to customers using a business cooperation contract are revenue sharing.


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