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Equipment or office equipment are items used to produce an expected job in the office.For example paper, envelopes, machine ribbons, etc.

Where detailed equipment / office equipment can be divided into: 

Consumables are office items that can only be used once or not durable For example paper, envelopes, ink, carbon, clips / paperclips, etc.
Non-consumables are office items that can be used repeatedly or durable. For example ruler, hecter / stepler, scissors, etc.

Handling of office supplies

To handle the problem of office equipment / equipment used in an office section is usually based on the following steps:

Namely a business that aims to obtain equipment or office equipment according to the needs plan that has been determined through purchase, manufacture, rent, etc.

Namely activities to accommodate the procurement of goods that include administrative aspects (recording into the book of goods) or physical terms (storage of the goods themselves).


That is the distribution of goods from the unit warehousing unit based on demand and should be noted in the book of goods release.


Namely all efforts are made constantly so that the goods remain well maintained so ready to use when needed.

Namely undertakings to eliminate / remove items from the list of infentaris based on applicable regulations.


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