Types of Risks in Stock Investments in the Capital Market 7

Risks that can cause deviation of investment returns can be grouped into 2 types, namely:
A. Systematic risk  Systematic risk is also called market risk because it is related to the changes that occur in the market as a     whole, this risk occurs due to events outside the company's activities, such as:
  1. Inflation risk

    Inflation will reduce the purchasing power of money so that the rate of return after adjusting for inflation may decrease the yield of the investment. 
  2. Currency exchange rate risk (exchange rate)Changes in the value of investments caused by foreign exchange rates are a risk to investment.
  3. Interest rate riskIf interest rates rise, the return on investments related to the interest rate, such as the interest rate of Bank Indonesia Certificates (SBI) will rise can attract the interest of stock investors to transfer funds to Bank Indonesia Certificates, so that many will sell shares and stock prices will decrease by Hence change of interest rate will influence variableity return an investment.Systematic risk is also called undiversible risk because this risk can not be eliminated or minimized through the establishment of a portfolio.
  4. Unsystematic riskUnsystematic risk is a company-specific risk because it depends on the company's micro condition. Examples of unsystematic risk include: industry risk, operating laverage risk and others. This risk can be minimized by diversifying investments in many securities with the formation of portfolio, unsystematic risk also called diversible risk. 


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