My brother's experience 1

After finishing school precisely in 2010 I started to confused where to go. After graduation I wander from kampong to Medan city. On the terrain I try to follow the college entrance selection. I realize I'm unlikely to pass because I know my ability. But because my family desire I try to follow the selection. And the results are just as I expected. That obviously did not pass.

After knowing the results of graduation and I did not graduate a week later I returned to my hometown. In my village I was unemployed for a long time and surely I am confused what to do. I am a smoker and it is impossible to ask the parents just to buy cigarettes. I'm obviously embarrassed and uncomfortable.
 Finally for one year I am in village  take a rickshaw let there to buy cigarettes and pocket money daily. If in the shame embarrassed shame, because I am the last child of 10 siblings and my sister's brother has succeeded all and has a fixed job. My own living that still vagrant unclear. Finally I ask the blessing of parents to go abroad 

In 2011, exactly month 3 I went to papua precisely in jayapura. A month in jayapura I have not got a job yet. The allowance in the parent's custody has begun to run out. Indeed I live in your home. But it would not be nice to ask for money if the money is gone. At home I see there are idle motorcycles and rarely in use. In silence I borrowed the same sister say the road, but I want to use the motor to taxibike, luckily to buy cigarettes. For 2 months I mocked although not every day to be exact when the motor is not in use there I use to taxibike.
While taxibike I follow the selection entered the Army precisely starting June 2011. With the support of my family certainly took the test. I step by step. On the sidelines there is no test I masi still taxibike. Earnings taxibike the rather loose off cigarettes and pocket money daily from the ask for embarrassment. Hehhehehehe
My army test trip still continues. Praise God step by step I can go through all of it with support and family prayer. With the duration of the test from June to Novemver finally I was announced to pass as a soldier of the army precisely on November 7, 2011. On that date I also started education in papua precisely in ifargunung where we are in the forging. For five months I followed my education with great joy and sorrow. And finally I am in install become a young man in the army. Precisely in March 2012. In that month I also went to Bandung to continue vocational education. For 4 months I attended the education in Bandung precisely in cimahi and July 2012 I was sworn in and procure placement in aceh. From 2012 I serve in aceh until now.


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