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Once, there is a young man from a poor family whose homes are often mobile, because he can only contract. In life, his greatest desire is to have his own home. Therefore, when she married, she forced herself to buy a house for 20 years. As a result, with his relatively small salary, he has to manage his expenses in such a way, to the extent possible, that the necessities of living with his family can still be fulfilled.Thus, from then on, the life of the youth's family was patterned so sparingly, economically, and without the slightest discretion to relax. The young man, as head of the family, is very strict in arranging everything for the mortgage to be repaid. No wonder, every day the family is surrounded by tense, easy emotions, because it is very tight in spending money.Time goes on. At one point, the young man's mother expressed a wish to her son, "My son, the mother's desire before dying is that we can go for a walk to the area that I like. Mom has a little savings. Do you have any savings to add to the drawbacks? ""Patience Mom, not now. Should not we be frugal, economical, as detailed as possible our expenses in order to keep paying the mortgage? "Replied the young man every time asked his mother.That is, so tightly set expenses, when the wife asked to go out to just relax anyway, the young man did not pay attention. Even just eating out to the restaurant with the family too, always answered with the answer that's all, namely 'have to save money to pay the mortgage'. This reason also applies to his son. When the child whines for a snack or a toy, the boy decisively refuses all the wishes of his son.His wife and family finally start depressed and saturated with such circumstances. The days went by monotonously and full of stress. There was no longer the nuance of happiness that enveloped the family.Without it, 20 years later, the mortgage has been completed. The house had completely belonged to the young man. However, when the house really belonged to him, he was not happy. He even feels he has lost something far more valuable. At that time, the house occupied was just a building, with nothing in it, no warmth and no happiness. The young man lives alone there. His wife and son have left, leaving him. The young man's mother had died a few years ago, without ever getting his last request.Now life felt empty, cold and empty for him. The man does not understand why the moment when the honorable purpose of life is achieved, when the certificate of ownership of the house is in his hands, love, warmth, and happiness leave him for granted!Friends,Material wealth is often seen as a standard of success. But in fact, not a few people who are rich in material unhappy life. There is no love and warmth in the luxury house he has. Conversely, many people are not abundant wealth but can enjoy life with happier together with the whole family.If we have the ideals of generating abundant wealth, legitimate lawyer anyway. However, what does all the material we get, if we must lose the happiness of the people we love like the story above? Moreover, the reason for the pursuit of all the desires is born from feelings of envy or not to be outdone by others, so that will generate coercion outside our ability, which ultimately makes us suffer.So, do not force something that is not worth being forced if only regret and suffering will we experience.Let friends, keep fighting and work hard to realize our dreams! But use a positive and balanced way of thinking and thinking, so that life can be more meaningful with our families and loved ones.


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